5.5. Options

The following options are accessible from the Window, Preferences TAUJava Preferences menu.

Use Alternative TAU Output Directory: Causes the TAU_Output directory to be placed in the location specified in the associated field. The internal directory structure of the TAU_Output directory remains unchanged.

Automatically run ParaProf on profile output?: Causes the TAU profile viewer, paraprof, to run on the output of profile and call-path analysis output as soon as the trace files have been produced.

Enable selective instrumentation: Causes Java elements specified in the given selection file to be included or excluded from instrumentation. By default all packages files and methods are included. The file should conform to the TAU file selection format described here.

# Any line beginning with a # is a comment and will be disregarded.
# If an entry is both included and excluded inclusion will take precedence. 
# Entries in INCLUDE or EXCLUDE lists may use * as a wildcard character.
# If an EXCLUDE_LIST is specified, the methods in the list will not be
# instrumented.
# If an INCLUDE_LIST is specified, only the methods in the list will be
# instrumented.
# TAU also accepts FILE_INCLUDE/EXCLUDE lists.  These may be specified with
# the wildcard character # to exclude/include multiple files.
# These options may be used in conjunction with the routine INCLUDE/EXCLUDE
# lists as shown above. 
# Note that the order of the individual sections does not matter
# and not all of the sections need to be included.  Each section
# must be closed.