tauex — Allows you to choose a tau configuration at runtime


tauex [ OPTION ] [--] { executable } [ executable options ]


Use this script to dynamically load a TAU profiling/tracing library or to select which papi events/domain to use during execuation of the application. At runtime tauex will set the LD_LIBRARY_PATH and pass any other parameters (or papi events) to the program and execute it with the specified TAU measurement options.



Enable debugging output, use repeatedly for more output.


Print help message.


Print information about the host machine.


Dump the shell environment variables and exit.


User mode counts


Kernel mode counts


Supervisor mode counts


Interrupt mode counts


List events

-L <event>

Describe event


Count all native events (implies -m)


Multiple runs (enough runs of exe to gather all events)

-e <event>

Specify PAPI preset or native event

-T <option>

Specify TAU option


Debug/Verbose mode


specify TAU library directly


Defaults if unspecified: -U -T MPI,PROFILE -e P_WALL_CLOCK_TIME MPI is assumed unless SERIAL is specified PROFILE is assumed unless one of TRACE, VAMPIRTRACE or EPILOG is specified P_WALL_CLOCK_TIME means count real time using fastest available timer


mpirun -np 2 tauex -e PAPI_TOT_CYC -e PAPI_FP_OPS -T MPI,PROFILE -- ./ring