paraprof — Launches TAU's Java-based performance data viewer.


paraprof [-h, --help] [-f, --filetype filetype] [--pack file] [--dump] [-o, --oss] [-s, --summary]


For the TAU profiles type, you can specify either a specific set of profile files on the commandline, or you can specify a directory (by default the current directory). The specified directory will be searched for profile.*.*.* files, or, in the case of multiple counters, directories named MULTI_* containing profile data.



Display help

-f, --filetype filetype

Specify type of performance data. Options are: profiles (default), pprof, dynaprof, mpip, gprof, psrun, hpm, packed, cube, hpc, ompp, snap, perixml, gptl

--pack file

Pack the data into packed (.ppk) format (does not launch ParaProf GUI)


Dump profile data to TAU profile format (does not launch ParaProf GUI).

-o, --oss

Print profile data in OSS style text output

-s, --summary

Print only summary statistics (only applies to OSS output)


Complete documentation can be found at