Kernel Tuning and Analysis Utilities

KTAU Installation

University of Oregon

1. KTAU Installation

KTAU installation comprises 2 parts, kernel modification and user-API library and utilities installation. KTAU distribution is organized as in following hierarchy.

  • ktau/patches/ : Contains patches for various version of Linux kernel.

  • ktau/src/ : Contains extension to Linux kernel which is independent from version of the kernel.

  • ktau/usr-src/ : Contains user-space libraries and utilities.

  • ktau/misc/ : Contains works in progress.

1.1. Linux Kernel Modification

Figure 1. Figure 1: KTAU Linux kernel configuration.

Figure 1: KTAU Linux kernel configuration.
  1. Obtain a distribution of KTAU from KTAU website. (

  2. Obtain a distribution of Linux kernel from KTAU is ported to several versions of Linux. Please check in ktau/patches/ directory for supported kernel versions

  3. At ktau/src/linux-2.X/, run

    sh <path to Linux kernel source> <patch name>

    This script will patch the kernel with the specified KTAU patch and install necessary files inside the kernel source tree.

  4. At the root of Linux source tree, run make menuconfig and configure the kernel to enable KTAU. Save the configuration.

  5. At the root of Linux source tree, run

    make clean dep bzImage modules moduels_install (for Linux-2.4)

    make clean bzImage modules modules_install     (for Linux-2.6)

    This will compile the kernel and install kernel. Then, configure system to boot with the new kernel, and reboot.

1.2. KTAU User-API Library and Utilities Installation

  1. At ktau/usr-src/src directory, run make clean all install. The user-API library will be installed in ktau/lib/ directory, and utilities will be installed in ktau/bin/ directory.