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A Distributed Performance Analysis Architecture for Clusters

Holger Brunst$^{1, 2}$ - Wolfgang E. Nagel$^1$ - Allen D. Malony$^2$
$^1$ Center for High Performance Computing
Dresden University of Technology
Dresden, Germany
{brunst, nagel}

$^2$ Department of Computer and Information Science
University of Oregon
Eugene, OR, USA
{brunst, malony}


The use of a cluster for distributed performance analysis of parallel trace data is discussed. We propose an analysis architecture that uses multiple cluster nodes as a server to execute analysis operations in parallel and communicate to remote clients where performance visualization and user interactions occur. The client-server system developed, VNG, is highly configurable and is shown to perform well for traces of large size, when compared to leading trace visualization systems.
Keywords: Parallel Computing, Performance Analysis, Profiling, Tracing, Clusters