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Models for On-the-Fly Compensation of Measurement Overhead
in Parallel Performance Profiling

Allen D. Malony - Sameer S. Shende


Performance Research Laboratory, Department of Computer and Information Science
University of Oregon, Eugene, OR, USA,


Performance profiling generates measurement overhead during parallel program execution. Measurement overhead, in turn, introduces intrusion in a program's runtime performance behavior. Intrusion can be mitigated by controlling instrumentation degree, allowing a tradeoff of accuracy for detail. Alternatively, the accuracy in profile results can be improved by reducing the intrusion error due to measurement overhead. Models for compensation of measurement overhead in parallel performance profiling are described. An approach based on rational reconstruction is used to understand properties of compensation solutions for different parallel scenarios. From this analysis, a general algorithm for on-the-fly overhead assessment and compensation is derived.

Keywords: Performance measurement and analysis, parallel computing, profiling, intrusion, overhead compensation.

Sameer Shende 2005-05-30