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As more applications for parallel and distributed systems are developed using portable hierarchical software frameworks, layered runtime modules, and multi-language software components, the requirements for integrated portable performance analysis will grow more complex. In particular, it becomes a challenge to observe performance events that occur throughout the software hierarchy and across language components and then relate those events to high-level execution abstractions and associated performance views.

Some of the challenges performance technologists face became apparent in our work with Java and its use in a MPI-based parallel execution environment. The extensions we made to the TAU system for unifying JVM versus native execution performance measurement, managing multi-level multi-threading, utilizing different instrumentation mechanisms for Java and MPI, and providing source-level instrumentation, all demonstrate TAU's robust capabilities. However, in the future, we also expect that new techniques for Java code parallelization will introduce new requirements for integrated performance instrumentation.

Sameer Suresh Shende
Mon Mar 12 14:44:42 PST 2001