File: pdbType.h

/* DUCTAPE Version 2.0                                                   */
/* Copyright (C) 2001                                                    */
/* Forschungszentrum Juelich, Zentralinstitut fuer Angewandte Mathematik */

#ifndef __PDB_TYPE_H__
#define __PDB_TYPE_H__

#include "pdbItem.h"

class pdbEnum {
  pdbEnum(const char* id, int val);
  const string& id() const;
  int val() const;
  string i;
  int    v;

class pdbBounds {
  pdbBounds(int low, int upp);
  int lower() const;
  int upper() const;
  static const int UNKNOWN;
  int lo;
  int up;

class pdbArg : public pdbLoc {
  enum arg_t { ARG_NA=0, ARG_IN=1, ARG_OUT=2, ARG_INOUT=3,
	       ARG_OPT=4, ARG_DEF=8 };

  pdbArg(const pdbType *type, const string& name,
         pdbFile *file, int line, int col, int flags = ARG_NA);
  const pdbType* type() const;
  const string& name() const;
  bool intentIn() const;        /*f90*/
  bool intentOut() const;       /*f90*/
  bool isOptional() const;      /*f90*/
  bool hasDefault() const;
  int flags() const;

  void type(const pdbType *t);
  void name(const string& n);
  void flags(int f);

  static const char *toName(arg_t v);
  static arg_t toArg(const char* v);

  const pdbType *typ;
  string         nam;
  int            flg;

class pdbType : public pdbItem {
  pdbType(int id);
  pdbType(const string& name, int id);

  virtual const char *desc() const;
  virtual const char *attrPrefix() const;
  virtual ostream& print(ostream& ostr) const;
  virtual void adjustPtrs(PDB *p);
  virtual dupl_t findDuplicate(pdbSimpleItem* r);
  virtual void process(PDB *p);

  typedef vector<qual_t> qualvec;
  typedef vector<pdbArg> argvec;
  typedef vector<const pdbType *> typevec;
  typedef vector<pdbEnum> enumvec;
  typedef vector<pdbBounds> boundvec;

  static const pdbType* NULLEXCEP;

  const pdbType* elementType() const;
  float_t floatType() const;
  int_t integerType() const;
  type_t kind() const;
  const qualvec& qualifiers() const;
  const pdbType* pointedToType() const;
  const pdbType* referencedType() const;
  bool isSigned() const;
  const pdbType* baseType() const;
  const pdbGroup* isGroup() const;
  const pdbType* returnType() const;
  const argvec& arguments() const;
  bool hasEllipsis() const;
  bool oldStyleDecl() const;  /*C*/
  const pdbType* memberPointerType() const;
  const pdbClass* memberPointerClass() const;
  bool isConst() const;
  int numElements() const;  // for C arrays and f90 characters
  const typevec& exceptionSpec() const;
  const enumvec& enumeration() const;
  shape_t shape() const;              /*f90*/
  int rank() const;                   /*f90*/
  const boundvec& bounds() const;     /*f90*/
  bool isStaticArray() const;  /*C99*/

  void elementType(const pdbType* elem);
  void floatType(float_t ftype);
  void integerType(int_t itype);
  void kind(type_t type);
  void addQualifier(qual_t qual);
  void pointedToType(const pdbType* ptr);
  void referencedType(const pdbType* ptr);
  void isSigned(bool s);
  void baseType(const pdbType* base);
  void isGroup(const pdbGroup* gr);
  void returnType(const pdbType* type);
  void addArgument(const pdbType* type, const string& name, 
                   pdbFile *file, int line, int col, int flags);
  void hasEllipsis(bool e);
  void oldStyleDecl(bool o);  /*C*/
  void memberPointerType(const pdbType* mptype);
  void memberPointerClass(const pdbClass* mpclass);
  void isConst(bool c);
  void numElements(int n);
  void addExceptionSpec(const pdbType* c);
  void addEnumeration(const pdbEnum& e);
  void shape(shape_t s);             /*f90*/
  void rank(int r);                  /*f90*/
  void addBound(int low, int high);  /*f90*/
  void isStaticArray(bool s);  /*C99*/

  const pdbType  *elemTy;
  float_t         fltTy;
  int_t           intTy;
  type_t          knd;
  shape_t         shp;
  bool            snd;
  bool            ell;
  bool            cst;
  bool            sta;
  bool            oldSD;
  int             numElem;
  const pdbType  *ptrTy;
  const pdbType  *baseTy;
  const pdbGroup *groupTy;
  const pdbType  *retTy;
  const pdbType  *memPtrTy;
  const pdbClass *memPtrCl;
  argvec          args;
  qualvec         quals;
  typevec         exSpec;
  enumvec         enums;
  boundvec        bnds;

#ifndef NO_INLINE
#  include "pdbType.inl"

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