Developers of high-performance scientific applications and frameworks expect tools to provide complete analysis capabilities for the advanced constructs of object-oriented languages, such as templates and namespaces. We developed an analysis infrastructure that provides this support, the

Program Database Toolkit (PDT)

  • Provides analysis infrastructure for object-oriented languages
  • Consists of C/C++ Intermediate Language (IL) Analyzer, and
    DUCTAPE library and utilities

EDG Front End

  • Is a commercial-grade front end from the Edison Design Group that is up-to-date with the C++ standard
  • Parses a C++ source file
  • Creates an intermediate language (IL) tree

IL Analyzer

  • Processes the intermediate language tree
  • Creates a "program database" (PDB) that can be easily and efficiently read by a programming or a scripting language

(C++ program Database Utilities and Conversion Tools APplication Environment)

  • Processes and merges PDB files
  • Is a C++ library that provides applications access to the PDB file