These pages explain how to use TAU with the following projects. The frameworks and libraries that have been profiled with TAU include :


PERC (EVH1) (NERSC et. al.)




PaRP (Parallel Recursion Project - University of Oregon)

POOMA (Parallel Object Oriented Methods and Applications - LANL)

MC++ (Monte Carlo simulation package - LANL)

SMARTS (Shared Memory Asynchronuous Runtime System - LANL)

Conejo (Tecolote project - LANL)

ACLMPL (Advanced Computing Lab. Message Passing Library - LANL)

Blitz++ (Object Oriented Numerical Library - U. Waterloo, Indiana U.)

ZPL (U. Washington)

HPC++ (High Performance C++ - Indiana U., LANL, U. Colorado, U. Oregon)

A++/P++ (Array Class Library - LANL)

Tulip (Portable Runtime Class Library - LANL, Indiana U., U. Colorado, U. Oregon)

PAWS (Parallel Application Work Space - LANL)

ACLVIS (Advanced Computing Lab. - Visualization Toolkit - LANL)

pC++ (Parallel C++ - Indiana U., U. Colorado, U. Oregon)