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C. Rasmussen, K. Lindlan, B. Mohr, J. Striegnitz, "CHASM: Static Analysis and Automatic Code Generation for Improved Fortran90 and C++ Interoperability," Proceedings of LACSI Symposium, 2001.

Keywords: CHASM, PDT, SILOON, F90, C++ interoperability

The relative simplicity and design of the Fortran 77 language allowed for reasonable interoperability with C and C++. Fortran 90, on the other hand, introduces several new and complex features to the language that severely degrade the ability of a mixed Fortran and C++ development environment. Major new items added to Fortran are user-defined types, pointers, and several new array features. Each of these items introduce difficulties because the Fortran 90 procedure calling convention was not designed with interoperability as an important design goal. For example, Fortran 90 arrays are passed by array descriptor, which is not specified by the language and therefore depends on a particular compiler implementation. This paper describes a set of software tools that parses Fortran 90 source code and produces mediating interface functions which allow access to Fortran 90 libraries from C++.


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