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S. Moore, F. Wolf, J. Dongarra, S. Shende, A. Malony, and B. Mohr, "A Scalable Approach to MPI Application Performance Analysis," in Proc. of EuroPVM/MPI 2005, (eds. B. Di Martino) LNCS 3666, Springer, pp. 309-316, 2005.

Keywords: TAU, scalability, Performance measurement and analysis, parallel computing, profiling, tracing, KOJAK

A scalable approach to performance analysis of MPI applications is presented that includes automated source code instrumentation, low overhead generation of profile and trace data, and database management of performance data. In addition, tools are described that analyze large-scale parallel profile and trace data. Analysis of trace data is done using an automated pattern-matching ap- proach. Examples of using the tools on large-scale MPI applications are presented.


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