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Darryl I. Brown, Steven T. Hackstadt, Allen D. Malony, Bernd Mohr, Program Analysis Environments for Parallel Language Systems: The TAU Environment, Proc. of the Workshop on Environments and Tools For Parallel Scientific Computing, Townsend, TN, May 1994, pp. 162-171.

Keywords: parallel tool, pC++, integrated tool framework

In this paper, we discuss TAU (Tuning and Analysis Utilities), the first prototype of an integrated and portable program analysis environment for pC++, a parallel object-oriented language system. TAU is unique in that it was developed specifically for pC++ and relies heavily on pC++'s compiler and transformation tools (specifically, the Sage++ toolkit) for its implementation. This tight integration allows TAU to achieve a combination of portability, functionality, and usability not commonly found in high-level language environments. The paper describes the design and functionality of TAU, using a new tool for breakpoint-based program analysis as an example of TAU's capabilities


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