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R. Bell, A. D. Malony, and S. Shende, "A Portable, Extensible, and Scalable Tool for Parallel Performance Profile Analysis", Proc. EUROPAR 2003 conference, LNCS 2790, Springer, Berlin, pp. 17-26, 2003.

Keywords: ParaProf, TAU, jracy, Profile Browser, scalable, visualization

This paper presents the design, implementation, and application of ParaProf, a portable, extensible, and scalable tool for parallel performance profile analysis. ParaProf attempts to offer ``best of breed'' capabilities to performance analysts -- those inherited from a rich history of single processor profilers and those being pioneered in parallel tools research. We present ParaProf as a parallel profile analysis framework that can be retargeted and extended as required. ParaProf's design and operation is discussed, and its novel support for large- scale parallel analysis demonstrated with a 512-processor application profile generated using the TAU performance system.


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