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A. Morris, W. Spear, A. D. Malony and S. Shende. "Observing Performance Dynamics using Parallel Profile Snapshots," European Conference on Parallel Processing (EuroPar 2008). August 2008

Keywords: TAU, Performance Snapshots, Performance Data, Performance Analysis

Performance analysis tools are only as useful as the data they collect. Not just accuracy of performance data, but accessibility, is necessary for performance analysis tools to be used to their full effect. The diversity of performance analysis and tuning problems calls for more flexible means of storing and representing performance data. The development and maintenance cycles of high performance programs, in particular, stand to benefit from exploration of and expansion of the means used to record and describe program execution behavior. We describe a means of representing program performance data via a time or event delineated series of performance profiles, or profile snapshots, implemented in the TAU performance analysis system. This includes an explanation of the profile snapshot format and means of snapshot analysis.


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