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Steven T. Hackstadt and Allen D. Malony, Distributed Array Query and Visualization for High Performance Fortran, Proc. of Euro-Par '96, Lyon, France, August 1996, pp. 55-63. Also available as University of Oregon, Department of Computer and Information Science, Technical Report CIS-TR-96-02, February 1996.

Keywords: visualization, distributed data access, hpf, parallel tool

This paper describes the design and implementation of the Distributed Array Query and Visualization (DAQV) system for High Performance Fortran, a project sponsored by the Parallel Tools Consortium. DAQV's implementation leverages the HPF language, compiler, and runtime system to address the general problem of providing high-level access to distributed data structures. DAQV supports a framework in which visualization and analysis clients connect to a distributed array server (i.e., the HPF application with DAQV control) for program-level access to array values. Implementing key components of DAQV in HPF itself has led to a robust and portable solution in which clients do not need to know how the data is distributed.


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