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Matthew Sottile and Allen Malony, INTERLACE: An Interoperation and Linking Architecture for Computational Engines, Proceedings of EuroPar 99 Conference, LNCS 1685, Springer, Berlin, pp.135-138, 1999.

Keywords: heterogeneous computing, reusability, computational servers, client/server, distributed objects, MatLab

To aid in building high-performance computational environments, INTERLACE offers a framework for linking reusable computational engines in a heterogeneous distributed system. The INTERLACE model provides clients with access to computational servers which interface with "wrapped" computational engines. The wrappers implement mechanisms to translate client requests to engine actions and to move data across the server interface. These mechanisms are programmable, allowing engines of different type to be integrated. The framework takes advantage of the HPC++ runtime system to access servers through distributed object operations. The INTERLACE framework has been demonstrated by building a distributed computational environment with MatLab engines.


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