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A. Nataraj, A. Malony, A. Morris, S. Shende, "Early Experiences with KTAU on the IBM BG/L," Proc. EUROPAR 2006 Conference, Springer, LNCS 4128, pp. 99-110, 2006.

Keywords: TAU, KTAU, IBM BG/L, kernel profiling, zeptoOS, performance analysis

The influences of OS and system-specific effects on applica- tion performance are increasingly important in high performance com- puting. In this regard, OS kernel measurement is necessary to under- stand the interrelationship of system and application behavior. This can be viewed from two perspectives: kernel-wide and process-centric. An integrated methodology and framework to observe both views in HPC systems using OS kernel measurement has remained elusive. We demon- strate a new tool called KTAU (Kernel TAU) that aims to provide paral- lel kernel performance measurement from both perspectives. KTAU ex- tends the TAU performance system with kernel-level monitoring, while leveraging TAUís measurement and analysis capabilities. As part of the ZeptoOS scalable operating systems pro ject, we report early experiences using KTAU in ZeptoOS on the IBM BG/L system.


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