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K. Huck, A. Malony, S. Shende and A. Morris. "TAUg: Runtime Global Performance Data Access using MPI." EuroPVM/MPI Conference, LNCS 4192, pp. 313-321, Springer, September 2006.

Keywords: TAU, TAUg, global data acsess, performance monitoring, online performance adaption

To enable a scalable parallel application to view its global performance state, we designed and developed TAUg, a portable runtime framework layered on the TAU parallel performance system. TAUg leverages the MPI library to communicate between application processes, creating an abstraction of a global performance space from which profile views can be retrieved. We describe the TAUg design and implementation and show its use on two test benchmarks up to 512 processors. Overhead evaluation for the use of TAUg is included in our analysis. Future directions for improvement are discussed.


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