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D. Brown, A. Malony, B. Mohr, Language-based Parallel Program Interaction: the Breezy Approach, Proceedings of the International Conference on High Performance Computing (HiPC'95), India, December 1995.

Keywords: runtime interaction, data-parallel program, language integration,language-based tools

This paper presents a general architecture for runtime interaction with a data-parallel program. We have applied this architecture in the development of the Breezy tool for the pC++ language. Breezy grants application programs convenient and efficient access to higher-level external services (e.g., databases, visualization systems, and distributed resources) and allows external access to the application's state (e.g., for program state display or computational steering). Although such support can be developed on an ad-hoc basis for each application, a general approach to the problem of parallel program interaction is preferred. A general approach makes tools more portable and retargetable to different language systems.

There are two main conclusions from this work. First, interaction support should be integrated with a language system facilitating an implementation of a model that is consistent with the language design. This aids application developers or the tool builders that require this interaction. Second, as the implementation of Breezy shows, the development of interaction support can leverage off the language itself as well as its compiler and runtime systems.


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