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L. Li, A. D. Malony, and K. Huck, "Model-Based Relative Performance Diagnosis of Wavefront Parallel Computations", in International Conference on High Performance Computing and Communications (HPCC2006), (Munich, Germany), 2006.

Keywords: performance diagnosis, parallel models, wavefront, relative analysis

Parallel performance diagnosis can be improved with the use of performance knowledge about parallel computation models. The Hercule diagnosis system applies model-based methods to automate performance diagnosis processes and explain performance problems from highlevel computation semantics. However, Hercule is limited by a single experiment view. Here we introduce the concept of relative performance diagnosis and show how it can be integrated in a model-based diagnosis framework. The paper demonstrates the effectiveness of Hercule’s approach to relative diagnosis of the well-known Sweep3D application based on aWavefront model. Relative diagnoses of Sweep3D performance anomalies in strong and weak scaling cases are given.


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