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A. Malony, J. Skidmore, and M. Sottile. Computational Experiments using Distributed Tools in a Web-based Electronic Notebook Environment, Proceedings of HPCN Europe '99, LNCS 1593, Springer, Berlin, pp. 381 -390, April 1999.


Computational environments used by scientists should provide high-level support for scientific processes that involve the integrated and systematic use of familiar abstractions from a laboratory setting, including notebooks, instruments, experiments, and analysis tools. However, doing so while hiding the complexities of the underlying computational platform is a challenge. ViNE is a web-based electronic notebook that implements a high-level interface for applying computational tools in scientific experiments in a location- and platform-independent manner. Using ViNE, a scientist can specify data and tools, and construct experiments that apply them in well-defined procedures. ViNE's implementation of the experiment abstraction offers the scientist easy-to-understand framework for building scientific processes. This paper discusses how ViNE implements computational experiments in distributed, heterogeneous computing environments.


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