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T. Sheehan, A. Malony, S. Shende, "A Runtime Monitoring Framework for the TAU Profiling System", Proceedings of the Third International Symposium on Computing in Object-Oriented Parallel Environments (ISCOPE'99), LNCS 1732, Springer, Berlin, pp. 170-181, December 1999.

Keywords: monitor, runtime data access, performance monitoring,parallel execution, performance tools, runtime interaction, Java,TAU, multi-threaded

Applications executing on complex computational systems provide a challenge for the development of runtime performance monitoring software. We discuss a computational model, application monitoring, data access models, and profiler functionality. We define data consistency within and across threads as well as across contexts and nodes. We describe the TAU runtime monitoring framework which enables on-demand, low-interference data access to TAU profile data and provides the flexibility to enforce data consistency at the thread, context or node level. We present an example of a Java-based runtime performance monitor utilizing the framework.


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