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Holger Brunst, Allen D. Malony, Sameer S. Shende, and Robert Bell, "Online Remote Trace Analysis of Parallel Applications on High-Performance Clusters", Proceedings of ISHPC'03 Conference, LNCS 2858, Springer, Berlin, pp. 440-449,2003.

Keywords: Parallel Computing, Performance Analysis, Performance Steering, Tracing, Parallel Computing, Performance Analysis, Performance Steering, Tracing, VNG, TAU

The paper presents the design and development of an online remote trace measurement and analysis system. The work combines the strengths of the TAU performance system with that of the VNG distributed parallel trace analyzer. Issues associated with online tracing are discussed and the problems encountered in system implementation are analyzed in detail. Our approach should port well to parallel platforms. Future work includes testing the performance of the system on large-scale machines.


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