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Allen D. Malony, Adnan Salman, Sergei Turovets, Don M. Tucker, Vasily Volkov, Kai Li, Jung Eun Song, Scott Biersdorff, Colin Davey, Chris Hoge, David K. Hammond: Computational Modeling of Human Head Electromagnetics for Source Localization of Milliscale Brain Dynamics. MMVR 2011: 329-335


Understanding the milliscale (temporal and spatial) dynamics of the human brain activity requires high-resolution modeling of head electromagnetics and source localization of EEG data. We have developed an automated environment to construct individualized computational head models from image segmentation and to estimate conductivity parameters using electrical impedance tomography methods. Algorithms incorporating tissue inhomogeneity and impedance anisotropy in electromagnetics forward simulations have been developed and parallelized. The paper reports on the application of the environment in the processing of realistic head models, including conductivity inverse estimation and lead field generation for use in EEG source analysis.


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