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Sameer Shende, Steven T. Hackstadt, and Allen D. Malony, "Dynamic Performance Callstack Sampling: Merging TAU and DAQV-II," Proceedings of the Fourth International Workshop on Applied Parallel Computing (PARA98), June 14-17, 1998, LNCS 1541, Springer, Berlin, pp. 515-520, 1998.

Keywords: monitoring, performance, callstack, sampling, profiling, TAU, DAQV, parallel execution, performance tools, runtime interaction, C++

Observing the performance of an application at runtime requires economy in what performance data is measured and accessed, and flexibility in changing the focus of performance interest. This paper describes the performance callstack as an efficient performance view of a running program which can be retrieved and controlled by external analysis tools. The performance measurement support is provided by the TAU profiling library whereas tool-program interaction support is available through the DAQV framework. How these systems are merged to provide dynamic performance callstack sampling is discussed.


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