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H. Brunst, W. Nagel, "Scalable Performance Analysis of Parallel Systems: Concepts and Experiences," Proc. PARCO 2003 Conference, in (J. Joubert, W. Nagel, F. Peters, W. Walter eds.), Parallel Computing: Software Technology, Algorithms, Architectures and Applications, Advances in Parallel Computing 13 Elsevier 2004, pp. 737-744, 2004.

Keywords: Parallel Computing, Performance Analysis, Tracing, Profiling, Clusters, VampirServer, VNG, OTF

We have developed a distributed service architecture and an integrated parallel analysis engine for scalable trace based performance analysis. Our combined approach permits to handle very large performance data volumes in real-time. Unlike traditional analysis tools that do their job sequentially on an external desktop platform, our approach leaves the data at its origin and seamlessly integrates the time consuming analysis as a parallel job into the high performance production environment.


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