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C. W. Lee, A. D. Malony, and A. Morris, "TAUmon: Scalable Online Performance Data Analysis in TAU", in 3rd Workshop on Productivity and Performance (PROPER 2010), 2010.

Keywords: TAU, scalability, performance analysis tools, online monitoring

In this paper, we present an update on the scalable online support for performance data analysis and monitoring in TAU. Extend- ing on our prior work with TAUoverSupermon and TAUoverMRNet, we show how online analysis operations can also be supported directly and scalably using the parallel infrastructure provided by an MPI application instrumented with TAU. We also report on e orts to streamline and up- date TAUoverMRNet. Together, these approaches form the basis for the investigation of online analysis capabilities in a TAU monitoring frame- work TAUmon. We discuss various analysis operations and capabilities enabled by online monitoring and how operations like event uni cation enable merged pro les to be produced with greatly reduced data vol- ume just prior to the end of application execution. Scaling results with PFLOTRAN on the Cray XT5 and BG/P are presented along with a look at some initial performance information generated from FLASH and PFLOTRAN through our TAUmon prototype frameworks.


Created: Thu Sep 16 17:30:49 2010

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