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K. A. Huck, and A. D. Malony, "PerfExplorer: A Performance Data Mining Framework for Large- Scale Parallel Computing," in Proc. of SC 2005 Conference, ACM, 2005.

Keywords: performance data mining, PerfExplorer, TAU, PerfDMF, R, Weka

Parallel applications running on high-end computer systems manifest a complexity of performance phenomena. Tools to observe parallel performance attempt to capture these phenomena in measurement datasets rich with information relating multiple performance metrics to execution dynam- ics and parameters specific to the application-system exper- iment. However, the potential size of datasets and the need to assimilate results from multiple experiments makes it a daunting challenge to not only process the information, but discover and understand performance insights. In this pa- per, we present PerfExplorer, a framework for parallel per- formance data mining and knowledge discovery. The frame- work architecture enables the development and integration of data mining operations that will be applied to large-scale parallel performance profiles. PerfExplorer operates as a client-server system and is built on a robust parallel per- formance database (PerfDMF) to access the parallel profiles and save its analysis results. Examples are given demon- strating these techniques for performance analysis of ASCI applications.


Created: Wed Aug 3 14:45:28 2005

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