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K. Karavanic, J. May, K. Mohror, B. Miller, K. Huck, R. Knapp, and B. Pugh, "Integrating Database Technology with Comparison-Based Parallel Performance Diagnosis: The Perftrack Performance Experiment Management Tool", in International Conference for High Performance Computing, Networking, Storage and Analysis (SC'05), (Washington, DC, USA), IEEE Computer Society, 2005.

Keywords: TAU, Perftrack, experiment management, performance diagnosis

PerfTrack is a data store and interface for managing performance data from large-scale parallel applications. Data collected in different locations and formats can be compared and viewed in a single performance analysis session. The underlying data store used in PerfTrack is implemented with a database management system (DBMS). PerfTrack includes interfaces to the data store and scripts for automatically collecting data describing each experiment, such as build and platform details. We have implemented a prototype of PerfTrack that can use Oracle or PostgreSQL for the data store. We demonstrate the prototype's functionality with three case studies: one is a comparative study of an ASC purple benchmark on high-end Linux and AIX platforms; the second is a parameter study conducted at Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory (LLNL) on two high end platforms, a 128 node cluster of IBM Power 4 processors and BlueGene/L; the third demonstrates incorporating performance data from the Paradyn Parallel Performance Tool into an existing PerfTrack data store.


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