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F. Bodin, P. Beckman, D. Gannon, S. Yang, S. Kesavan, A. Malony, B. Mohr, Implementing a Parallel C++ Runtime System for Scalable Parallel Systems, Proceedings of the 1993 Supercomputing Conference, Portland, Oregon, November 1993, pp. 588-597.

Keywords: parallel C++, portability, scalability, SPMD, runtime system,concurrency and communication primitives, performance

pC++ is a language extension to C++ designed to allow programmers to compose "concurrent aggregate" collection classes which can be aligned and distributed over the memory hierarchy of a parallel machine in a manner modeled on the High Performance Fortran Forum (HPFF) directives for Fortran 90. pC++ allows the user to write portable and efficient code which will run on a wide range of scalable parallel computer systems. The first version of the compiler is a preprocessor which generates Single Program Multiple Data (SPMD) C++ code. Currently, it runs on the Thinking Machines CM-5, the Intel Paragon, the BBN TC2000, the Kendall Square Research KSR-1, and the Sequent Symmetry. In this paper we describe the implementation of the runtime system, which provides the concurrency and communication primitives between objects in a distributed collection. To illustrate the behavior of the runtime system we include a description and performance results on four benchmark programs.


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