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A. Knuepfer, C. Roessel, D. an Mey, S. Biersdorff, K. Diethelm, D. Eschweiler, M. Geimer, M. Gerndt, D. Lorenz, A. Malony, W. Nagel, Y. Oleynik, P. Philippen, P. Saviankou, D. Schmidl, S. Shende, R. Tshueter, M. Wagner, B. Wesarg, and F. Wolf, "Score-P: A Joint Performance Measurement Run-Time Infrastructure for Periscope, Scalasca, TAU, and Vampir," in Proc. of the 5th International Workshop on Parallel Tools for High Performance Computing, September 2011, ZIH, Dresden, piblished as book "Tools for High Performance Computing," Eds. H. Brunst, M. Muller, W. Nagel, M. Resch, pp. 79-92, Springer, 2011.

Keywords: Score-P, performance measurement, TAU, Vampir

This paper gives an overview about the Score-P performance measurement infrastructure which is being jointly developed by leading HPC performance tools groups. It motivates the advantages of the joint undertaking from both the developer and the user perspectives, and presents the design and components of the newly developed Score-P performance measurement infrastructure. Furthermore, it contains first evaluation results in comparison with existing performance tools and presents an outlook to the long-term cooperative development of the new system.


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