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Allen Malony, Sameer Shende, Wyatt Spear, Chee Wai Lee, and Scott Biersdorff, "Advances in the TAU Performance System," in Proc. of the 5th International Workshop on Parallel Tools for High Performance Computing, September 2011, ZIH, Dresden, piblished as book "Tools for High Performance Computing," Eds. H. Brunst, M. Muller, W. Nagel, M. Resch, pp. 119-130, Springer, 2011.

Keywords: TAU, ParaProf, Performance instrumentation, measurement, analysis.

Evolution and growth of parallel systems requires continued advances in the tools to measure, characterize, and understand parallel performance. Five recent developments in the TAU Performance System are reported. First, an update is given on support for heterogeneous systems with GPUs. Second, event-based sampling is being integrated in TAU to add new capabilities for performance observation. New wrapping technology has been incorporated in TAU’s instrumentation harness, increasing observation scope. The fourth advance is in the area of performance visualization. Lastly, we discuss our work in Eclipse Parallel Tools Platform.


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