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J. E. Cuny, A. Hough, and J. Kundu. Logical Time in Visualizations Produced by Parallel Programs, Proceedings of Visualization '92, 1992, pp. 186-193.

Keywords: parallel, visualization, logical time

Visualization tools that display data as it is manipulated by a parallel, MIMD computation must contend with the effects of asynchronous execution. We have developed techniques that manipulate logical time in order to produce coherent animations of parallel program behavior despite the presence of asynchrony. Our techniques ``interpret'' program behavior in light of user-defined abstractions and generate animations based on a logical rather than a physical view of time. If this interpretation succeeds, the resulting animation is easily understood; if it fails, the programmer can be assured that the failure was not an artifact of the visualization. Here we demonstrate that these techniques can be generally applied to enhance visualizations of a variety of types of data as it is produced by parallel, MIMD computations.


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