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V. Bui, B. Norris, K. Huck, L. C. McInnes, L. Li, O. Hernandez, and B. Chapman, "A Component Infrastructure for Performance and Power Modeling of Parallel Scientific Applications", in Component-Based High Performance Computing (CBHPC 2008), 2008.

Keywords: power modeling, performance modeling, Common Component Architecture, CCA

Characterizing the performance of scientific applications is essential for effective code optimization, both by compilers and by high-level adaptive numerical algorithms. While maximizing power efficiency is becoming increasingly important in current high-performance architectures, little or no hardware or software support exists for detailed power measurements. Hardware counter-based power models are a promising method for guiding software-based techniques for reducing power. We present a component-based infrastructure for performance and power modeling of parallel scientific applications. The power model leverages on-chip performance hardware counters and is designed to model power consumption for modern multiprocessor and multicore systems. Our tool infrastructure includes application components as well as performance and power measurement and analysis components. We collect performance data using the TAU performance component and apply the power model in the performance and power analysis of a PETSc-based parallel fluid dynamics application by using the PerfExplorer component.


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