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Allen D. Malony, B. Robert Helm, "A theory and architecture for automating performance diagnosis," Future Generation Computer Systems, Vol 18, Issue 1, Elsevier Science Publishers, Amsterdam, pg. 189-200, Sept. 2001.

Keywords: Performance, Diagnosis, Parallel

This prospectus describes research to simplify programing of parallel computers. It focuses specifically on performance diagnosis, the process of finding and explaining sources of inefficiency in parallel programs. Considerable research already has been done to simplify performance diagnosis, but with mixed success. Two elements are missing from existing research: 1. There is no general theory of how expert programers do performance diagnosis. As a result, it is difficult for researchers to compare existing work or fit their work to programers. It is difficult for programers to locate products of existing research that meet their needs. 2. There is no automated, adaptable software to help programers do performance diagnosis. Existing software is either automated but limited to very specific circumstances, or in general, not automated for most tasks. The research described here addresses both of these issues. The research will develop and validate a theory of performance diagnosis, based on general models on diagnostic problem-solving. It will design and evaluate a computer program (called Poirot) that employs the theory to automatically, adaptably support performance diagnosis.


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