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Allen D. Malony, "Multiprocessor Instrumentation: Approaches for Cedar," Chapter, Instrumentation for Future Parallel Computing Systems (Eds: M. Simmons, R. Koskela, I. Bucher), ACM Press, NY, pp 1-33, 1989.

Keywords: Cedar, measurement techniques, modeling techniques, parallel processors, Complexity hierarchies

Parallel systems pose a unique challenge to performance measurement and instrumentation. The complexity of these sysems manifests itself as an increase in performance complexity as well as programming complexity. The complex interaction of the many architectural, hardware, and software features of these systems results in a significantly larger space of possible performance behavior and potential erformance bottlenecks. Programming parallel systems requires that users understand the performance characteristics of the machines and be able tomodify their programs and algorithms accordingly. The instrumentation problem, therefore, is to develop tools to aid the user in investigating performance problems and in determining the most effective way of exploiting the high performance capabilities of parallel systems. This paper gives observations on the parallel system instrumentation problem in the context of the Cedar multiprocessor. The Cedar system integrates several architectural, hardware, and software concepts for parallel operation. The combination makes Cedar a particularly interesting machine for investigating instrumentation issues and developing prototype tools. The different needs for performance evaluation on the Cedar machine define the instruementation requirements. The implementation of instrumentation tools, however, involves tradeoffs in design, resolution, and accuracy, and must be weighed against the payoff in better performance evaluation. This discussion of instrumentation tools targeted for Cedar considers these tradeoffs.


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