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A. D. Malony, S. Shende, R. Bell, K. Li, L. Li, N. Trebon, "Advances in the TAU Performance System," Chapter, "Performance Analysis and Grid Computing," (Eds. V. Getov, M. Gerndt, A. Hoisie, A. Malony, B. Miller), Kluwer, Norwell, MA, pp. 129-144, 2003.

Keywords: Performance, tools, parallel, distributed, TAU

To address the increasing complexity in parallel and distributed systems and software, advances in performance technology towards more robust tools and broader, more portable implementations are needed. In doing so, new challenges for performance instrumentation, measurement, analysis, and visualization arise to address evolving requirements for how performance phenomena is observed and how performance data is used. This paper presents recent advances in the TAU performance system in four areas where improvements in performance technology are important: instrumentation control, performance


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