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Allen D. Malony, "JED: Just an Event Display," Chapter, Performance Instrumentation and Visualization, (Eds: M. Simmons, R. Koskela), ACM Press, NY, pp. 99-115, 1990.

Keywords: JED, interconnection architectures, performance attributes, performance measurement

Event tracing has become a popular form of gathering performance data on multiprocessor computer systems. Indeed, a performance measurement facility has been developed for the Cedar multiprocessor that uses taing as a back-end mechanism fr collecting several run-time measurements including count, time, virtual memory, and event data. Tools to study an event trace, however, are typically specialized according to the type of data collected. Usually various trace analyses and displays are developed based on some event interpretation model. Whereas this approach will give specific information about particular events and their occurences in a trace, it is not particularly easy to extend; new events often require new analysis and display techniques.


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