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L. McInness, T. Dahlgren, J. Nieplocha, D. Bernholdt, B. Allan, R. Armstrong, D. Chavarria, W. Elwasif, I. Gorton, J. Kenny, M. Krishnan, A. Malony, B. Norris, J. Ray, and S. Shende, "Research Initiatives for Plug-and-play Scientific Computing", J. Physics: Conference Series Vol. 78 No. 012046, doi:10.1088/1742-6596/78/1/012046, Proc. SciDAC Conference, 2007.

Keywords: CCA, TAU, Component software, CQoS

This paper introduces three component technology initiatives within the SciDAC Center for Technology for Advanced Scientific Component Software (TASCS) that address ever-increasing productivity challenges in creating, managing, and applying simulation software to scientific discovery. By leveraging the Common Component Architecture (CCA), a new component standard for high-performance scientific computing, these initiatives tackle difficulties at different but related levels in the development of component-based scientific software: (1) deploying applications on massively parallel and heterogeneous architectures, (2) investigating new approaches to the runtime enforcement of behavioral semantics, and (3) developing tools to facilitate dynamic composition, substitution, and reconfiguration of component implementations and parameters, so that application scientists can explore tradeoffs among factors such as accuracy, reliability, and performance.


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