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Y. Zhang, R. Fowler, K. Huck, A. Malony, A. Porterfield, D. Reed, S. Shende, V. Taylor, and X. Wu, "US QCD Computational Performance Studies with PERI," J. Physics: Conference Series Vol. 78, No. 012083 doi:10.1088/1742-6596/78/1/012083, Proc. of SciDAC 2007 conference, 2007.

Keywords: QCD, USQCD, PERI, TAU, PerfDMF, PerfExplorer

We report on some of the interactions between two SciDAC projects: The National Computational Infrastructure for Lattice Gauge Theory (USQCD), and the Performance Engineering Research Institute (PERI). Many modern scientific programs consistently report the need for faster computational resources to maintain global competitiveness. However, as the size and complexity of emerging high end computing (HEC) systems continue to rise, achieving good performance on such systems is becoming ever more challenging. In order to take full advantage of the resources, it is crucial to understand the characteristics of relevant scientific applications and the systems these applications are running on. Using tools developed under PERI and by other performance measurement researchers, we studied the performance of two applications, MILC and Chroma, on several high performance computing systems at DOE laboratories. In the case of Chroma, we discuss how the use of C++ and modern software engineering and programming methods are driving the evolution of performance tools.


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