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Vincent A. Guarna, Jr., Dennis Gannon, David Jablonowski, Allen D. Malony, Yogesh Gaur, "Faust: An Integrated Environment for Parallel Programming," IEEE Software Vol. 6, No. 4, July/August 1989, pp. 20-27, 1989.

Keywords: Faust, parallel programming, project-management tool, context editor, program database, performance-evaluation tools, functional integration, common data sets, Sigma, application code, dynamic call-graph tool, multiprocessor performance analysis, parallel programming, programming environments, project support environments

A description is given of Faust, an integrated environment for the development of large, scientific applications. Faust includes a project-management tool, a context editor that is interfaced to a program database, and performance-evaluation tools. In Faust, all applications work is done in the context of projects, which serve as the focal point for all tool interactions. A project roughly corresponds to an executable program. Faust achieves functional integration through operations on common data sets maintained in each project. Sigma, a Faust tool designed to help users of parallel supercomputers retarget and optimize application code, helps them either fine-tune parallel code that has been automatically generated or optimize a new parallel algorithm's design. Faust includes a dynamic call-graph tool and an integrated, multiprocessor performance analysis and characterization tool set.


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