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Steven T. Hackstadt and Allen D. Malony, Visualizing Parallel Program and Performance Data with IBM Visualization Data Explorer, IBM Visualization Data Explorer Communiqué Newsletter, Vol. 3, No. 1, March 1995, pp. 6-8.

Keywords: ibm data explorer, parallel performance visualization, scientific visualization, visualization prototyping

Performance visualization is the use of graphical display techniques for the visual analysis of performance data to improve the understanding of complex performance phenomena. While the graphics of current performance visualizations are predominantly confined to two-dimensions, one of the primary goals of our work is the development of new methods for rapidly prototyping next-generation, multi-dimensional performance visualizations. By applying the tools of scientific visualization to performance visualization, we have found that next-generation displays for performance visualization can be prototyped, if not implemented, in existing data visualization software products like Data Explorer, using graphical techniques that physicists, oceanographers, and meteorologists have used for several years now.


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