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Sameer Shende, "Building Your Own Performance Evaluation Tools", talk at Portland State University, May 13, 2000.

Keywords: TAU, performance evaluation, profiling, tracing, JVMPI, MPI, instrumentation, measurement, analysis

Performance evaluation of parallel and distributed programs involves choosing from a wide variety of performance models, instrumentation and measurement techniques, and execution models. The ability of performance technology to keep pace with the growing complexity of parallel and distributed systems depends on robust performance frameworks that can at once provide system-specific performance capabilities and support high-level performance problem solving. This talk gives an overview of choices and constraints that a performance technologist faces while building tools. We share our experience in building the TAU (Tuning and Analysis Utilities) suite of portable profiling and tracing tools. As an example, we illustrate tools for a parallel Java environment where instrumentation from multiple levels is integrated to provide the coupling of different software execution contexts under a uniform performance model. The techniques discussed in this talk are aimed at helping you design simple performance evaluation tools and effectively understanding and using existing performance tools.


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