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Software Download Requests

Thank you for your interest in the TAU Portable Profiling Implementation version 2.33.1 To download, you need only provide your name, organization, and email address so that we may notify you of problems, updates, bug fixes, new documentation, etc. Please feel free to submit comments or questions with your request. Your e-mail address will NOT be entered in any e-mail list. You may voluntarily choose to join the low volume, members only TAU announcement or users mailing list on the next page.

After you submit this information, a page from which you can download the distribution will be generated.

You should look at the README and INSTALL files for information on software requirements and the contents of the distribution.

Note: If you've trouble downloading TAU, please send an e-mail to tau [dash] bugs [at] cs.uoregon.edu.

If you prefer to download anonymously, you may download TAU directly from http://tau.uoregon.edu/tau.[tgz, exe, dmg(x86_64), arm64.dmg(M1)] and PDT from http://tau.uoregon.edu/pdt.tgz (or PDT lite for Linux x86_64: pdt_lite.tar.gz).

Please install Java on your system before using paraprof. Java: macOS X (x86_64), macOS X (ARM64 M1), Windows (x86_64).

IMPORTANT NOTE: TAU is made available under a BSD style license and it is available for download without a fee.

You may download older versions of TAU and PDT anonymously as well.

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