Tuning and Analysis Utilities



TAU Performance System® is a portable profiling and tracing toolkit for performance analysis of parallel programs written in Fortran, C, C++, UPC, Java, Python.

TAU (Tuning and Analysis Utilities) is capable of gathering performance information through instrumentation of functions, methods, basic blocks, and statements as well as event-based sampling. All C++ language features are supported including templates and namespaces. The API also provides selection of profiling groups for organizing and controlling instrumentation. The instrumentation can be inserted in the source code using an automatic instrumentor tool based on the Program Database Toolkit (PDT), dynamically using DyninstAPI, at runtime in the Java Virtual Machine, or manually using the instrumentation API.

TAU's profile visualization tool, paraprof, provides graphical displays of all the performance analysis results, in aggregate and single node/context/thread forms. The user can quickly identify sources of performance bottlenecks in the application using the graphical interface. In addition, TAU can generate event traces that can be displayed with the Vampir, Paraver or JumpShot trace visualization tools.

New Video Demos

New videos showing the features of ParaProf and PerfExplorer have been posted on Documentation Page.

Success Story: IRMHD

ALCF describes groundbreaking astrophysics accelerated by ALCF and TAU. This was featured as a cover story in HPC Source, Scientific Computing (page 9).

TAU Commander

TAU Commander: Intuitive Performance Engineering



Introducing ParaProf's Topology Views

TAU features a topology view that allows us to visualize the performance of a given routine as it maps to the underlying topology. The screen shot on the right shows the performance data showing the 5D Torus interconnect in a topology window. The intensity of the color shows the execution time (red is high, blue is low) for the MPI_Alltoallv routine over 786432 cores (48 racks).

TAU Tutorial Slides

New users may find this tutorial helpful.

TAU Performance System® is a federally registered trademark owned by the State of Oregon acting by and through the State Board of Higher Education on behalf of the University of Oregon. TAU is a joint project between the University of Oregon Performance Research Lab, The LANL Advanced Computing Laboratory, and The Research Centre Julich at ZAM, Germany.

More about TAU be found on the About Page, or browse the Online documentation on the Documents Page. Search the library of TAU papers on our Publications Page.

On April 25, 2024, a new version of TAU (2.33.2) was released. See the latest news and release notes on the News Page.