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Using TAU in Pooma II

Use the TAU suite KCC_64_K3_PROFILE to use TAU profiling.


TAU uses automatic source code instrumentation in Pooma II using the EDG C++ parser, TAU IL Converter, and DUCTAPE.


On ASCI BlueMountain machines, add to your .cshrc file
set path=($path /usr/local/pooma/packages/tau2/bin/sgi8k)


Compile Pooma II :
% setenv SUITE KCC_64_K3_PROFILE 
% make cleansuite; make dirs; make depend; % make
and run an example:
% cd $POOMA2_ROOT/test/Domain/Range/Calculus/
% make
% cd $SUITE
% ./RangeCalculus 
and then run racy or pprof
% pprof
% racy 
and enter rc.pmf (any file.pmf) in the project management window and click on Create.

Sample Session


Running RACY

Customizing TAU

If you'd like to customize the profiling backend, please download a copy of TAU from this site and modify the TAUDIR variable in $POOMA2_ROOT/config/KCC_64_K3_PROFILE.suite.mk to reflect your local TAU distribution location. By default, it uses the TAU distribution installed in /usr/local/pooma/packages/tau2 and configured with the following parameters:
% ./configure -c++=KCC -SGITIMERS -tulipthread=/home/smarts/profile/smarts -smarts 
The meaning of the different TAU configuration options is explained in the tutorial.

Using TAU in POOMA r1

Instructions for using TAU with r1 are available here.