15.2. Ledgers

ParaProf has three ledgers that show the functions, groups, and user events.

15.2.1. Function Ledger

Figure 15.2. Function Ledger

Function Ledger

The function ledger shows each function along with its current color. As with other displays showing functions, you may right-click on a function to launch other function-specific displays.

15.2.2. Group Ledger

Figure 15.3. Group Ledger

Group Ledger

The group ledger shows each group along with its current color. This ledger is especially important because it gives you the ability to mask all of the other displays based on group membership. For example, you can right-click on the MPI group and select "Show This Group Only" and all of the windows will now mask to only those functions which are members of the MPI group. You may also mask by the inverse by selecting "Show All Groups Except This One" to mask out a particular group.

15.2.3. User Event Ledger

Figure 15.4. User Event Ledger

User Event Ledger

The user event ledger shows each user event along with its current color.