21.2. Performing Correlation Analysis

To perform correlation analysis, you first need to select a metric. To select a metric, navigate through the tree of applications, experiments and trials, and expand the trial of interest, showing the available metrics, as shown in the figure below:

Figure 21.3. Selecting a Metric to Cluster

Selecting a Metric to Cluster

After selecting the metric of interest, select the "Do Correlation Analysis" item under the "Analysis" main menu bar item. A confirmation dialog will appear, and you can either confirm the correlation request or cancel it. After confirming the correlation, the analysis will begin. When the analysis results are available, you can view them in the "Correlation Results" tab.

Figure 21.4. Correlation Results

Correlation Results

There are a number of images in the "Correlation Results" window. Each thumbnail represents a pairwise correlation plot of two events. Clicking on a thumbnail image in the main window will bring up the images, as shown below:

Figure 21.5. Correlation Example

Correlation Example