Chapter 22. Charts

22.1. Setting Parameters

There are a few parameters which need to be set when doing comparisons between trials in the database. If any necessary setting is not configured before requesting a chart, you will be prompted to set the value. The following settings may be necessary for the various charts available:

22.1.1. Group of Interest

TAU events are often associated with common groups, such as "MPI", "TRANSPOSE", etc. This value is used for showing what fraction of runtime that this group of events contributed to the total runtime.

Figure 22.1. Setting Group of Interest

Setting Group of Interest

22.1.2. Metric of Interest

Profiles may contain many metrics gathered for a single trial. This selects which of the available metrics the user is interested in.

Figure 22.2. Setting Metric of Interest

Setting Metric of Interest

22.1.3. Event of Interest

Some charts examine events in isolation. This setting configures which event to examine.

Figure 22.3. Setting Event of Interest

Setting Event of Interest

22.1.4. Total Number of Timesteps

One chart, the "Timesteps per second" chart, will calculate the number of timesteps completed per second. This setting configures that value.

Figure 22.4. Setting Timesteps

Setting Timesteps